Gun permits

The state of Indiana requires residents wishing to obtain a handgun permit to apply through the police department with primary jurisdiction. On Oct. 1, 2014, the process was changed.

Local fees - $10 (four-year permit); $40 (non-expired renewal to lifetime permit); $50 (new lifetime permit or renewal of expired permit)
State fees - $30 (four year permit); $60 (non-expired renewal to lifetime permit); $75 (new lifetime permit or renewal of expired permit)

1. Go online to the Indiana State Police site to fill out the gun permit application. (Most libraries provide Internet access, subject to terms of service.)

2. Schedule an appointment with L1 / MorphoTrust USA to have fingerprints taken.  (The records department does not handle fingerprinting for gun permits.)

3. Phone the Elkhart Police Department Records Division at (574) 295-7070 and inform staff of your submission of an application with fingerprints. NO VISIT TO THE POLICE STATION IS NECESSARY AT THIS TIME.

4. After initial review, you will receive a telephone call from the Elkhart Police Department Records Division to come to the station to continue the process. You will be asked to complete and sign a background check waiver at this time. 

Records is located at 175 Waterfall Drive, between 8 a.m and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Please bring the following:
- Cash, check or money order for the local fee only
- Driver's license with current address, Social Security card, L1 / Morpho Trust fingerprint receipt
, and (if applicable) previous handgun permit. Records will make copies of these items for the background check.

The Elkhart Police Department will notify applicants after local approval. 

The Indiana State Police make all final determinations, generally within 12 weeks, and issue permits. Please contact the Indiana State Police with any questions regarding denial, or to obtain a replacement permit if lost.

If your home address has a five-digit street number, you are a county resident and you must complete the process through the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department, (574) 891-2300.