K9 retirements and donation - August 2016

The Elkhart Police Department recently had two (2) police canines retire, Canine “Cai” retired in July and Canine “Maverick” retired in August. Both Canine “Cai” and Canine “Maverick” will be greatly missed. 
Not only is it a lengthy process of training a police canine but it is costly. The cost of replacing two (2) canines at the same time was not something the Police Department had anticipated. However the Elkhart Police Department was once again fortunate enough to have the support of our community. On Friday August 12, 2016 Jack B. Smith, Gaska Tape, presented the Elkhart Police Department (Canine Unit) and donation which will cover the cost of replacing both of the canines. Jack Smith was presented a plaque for his continued support of the Elkhart Police Department. The Elkhart Police Department is thankful for all of the support we receive from our citizens and businesses.

Canine “Cai”, retired after 6 years of service and Canine “Maverick” retired with 4 years of service with the Elkhart Police Department. Canines “Cai” and Maverick were credited with the apprehension of numerous criminals, the seizures of quantities of narcotics and countless demonstrations. Their service will be greatly missed. Canines “Cai” and “Maverick” will enjoy their retirement at the homes of their handlers.